Friday, May 13, 2011

NAKID Dictionary

A couple of years ago, NAKID published a dictionary of terms that are unique to our organization. I'm sure everyone has noticed by now that NAKID has its own culture (have you tried explaining some of the stuff we do to non-NAKID friends? They just don't get it). To help everyone understand what we mean when we say we're riding the Boomerang, got base raped, or are NAKIDing, the Brew has decided to throw out a couple of special NAKID words every so often to keep you all up to speed. Today's entries are:

v. A variation of dating; instead of going out on dates you hang out at NAKID events together, and typically don’t make plans to see one another outside of NAKID events.

Guy 1: “When are you going out with her?”
Guy 2: “We’re NAKIDing; I’ll see her at the midseason party.”

Douche Rules
n. Unique NAKID rules that keep players from being, well, douches. No trying to distract people catching the ball, no bobbling catches, and in general, don’t be a douche. Much of the douche rules are at the discretion of the ref. If he/she thinks you're being a douche, cut it out.

NAKID Number
n. The number of fellow NAKIDs one has scored with off the field.

Throughout the coming weeks we'll post other entries from the NAKID Dictionary. Have you come up with a new term for us?  We're just like the Oxford dictionary--always open to suggestions when a new word enters the NAKID lexicon. Send an email to or write your entry in the comments!


  1. Should I be embarrassed that my naked number is 0?

  2. You're new, it'll go up. Don't despair.

  3. I hope that's not what she said!

  4. Well played, Edson. I can't believe I missed that.

  5. 'Brew Whore' was once written in the brew as part of the NAKID Dictionary :)

  6. This is just the beginning of the dictionary entries--more will follow, and Brew Whore will be included, don't worry! :)