Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thursday Kickball - 12 May Spring 2011

This week was a bit tamer than last week--maybe the lack of Cinco de Mayo took its toll? Or perhaps not having a bar dancing contest kept people from acting like such fools. Regardless, we still had a ton of fun, lots of beer, and at least a few shenanigans.

Watch the hands!
The Brew was happy to see lots of One Flip challenges going on! Don't hold back from a challenge because you think you may lose. At least you're drinking beer!

One Flip Champ!

Challenge accepted.
Once again, the bar dancing tradition was upheld. Thanks to all the girls for getting up there and shaking your groove thang--that's what makes NAKID special!

Work it!
LOTW: No one was worthy this week, but that doesn't mean some of you weren't drunken messes; the Brew just didn't know about it. Email weeklybrew@gmail.com to get your teammates and friends the coveted bandana!

And the latest "I Don't Remember Saying That":
I don't care if Brian cheats as long as the money keeps rolling in - Mona, We Beat Parker Lewis

Do you have any funny stories you want to share about the bar or your game? Leave it in the comments below. Smack talk is always accepted.

As always, here are some pics from the bar:

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