Friday, May 20, 2011

Sunday 15 May Spring 2011

Sunday was a bit tamer than expected, but the rain probably scared many of you away. No worries, though, because the NAKIDs that showed up made up for the missing crowds with copious amounts of flip cup, pong, and bar dancing. Here's a special shout out to the Xtacles for getting your team together for what looked like a monster game of pong:

Ethically Flexible and Morally Casual celebrated funny hat day! Both teams rock for having a different theme each week and getting your players to the bar!

AmFo rocks the trucker hat. For reals.
Morally Casual in funny hats
These chicks were cool and looking for some fun times so the Brew snapped a picture:

And here's an extra special shout out to Bed Intruders for starting and being the dance party at MBP at all of 7pm. As you can see, they were having a very good time:

I want to say they're dancing to Ke$ha. I feel dirty for having to put that dollar sign in there.

More Bed Intruders before joining the dance party inside
Thanks to everyone who braved the rain (despite it being AFTER our games) to come out and have some good times with friends new and old.

Lush of the Week

This week's winners come from a nomination from their captain, Amanda of Ethically Flexible: "I would like to nominate two of my Ethically Flexible teammates for LOTW. The entire team started off with (extraordinarily strong) long islands and dancing on the bar at 4 P.M. at MBP. Tragically, thanks to brunch and said long islands, I was also drunk and don't much remember their shenanigans, but Facebook this morning informs me that Andrea Evans and Steve Kirtz both got kicked out of both Hamilton's and MBP (Has anyone else ever gotten kicked out of MBP in the history of ever?). At one point in the evening, Steve was wearing three hats on his head which is documented on Facebook. He also danced with the hats on his head (It was hat week.) Andrea saw Dan Boger at one point in the evening, told him she loved him, and forgot she even saw him. She then took the wrong metro home not once, not twice, but THREE times! As captain, I'm proud to be on a team that has never won a game, where only 10 people showed up yesterday, but I'm now nominating two of them for LOTW!"

Congratulations, Andrea and Steve! You both win LOTW! Do you know someone who is deserving? Email like Amanda did!

Don't forget, Sunday players, your midseason party is tonight at My Brother's Place and Hamilton's!! Get your tie-dye and fringed vest ready, because it's a 1960s theme! We've got beer, jello shots, and maybe their special punches will make a reappearance. The party is free for you, $5 for Wednesday and Thursday players, and $10 for your non-NAKID friends. Bring them and we'll lure them into our web...


  1. The last pic of the "Bed Intruders" are actually Premature Inebriation team members! The REAL lime green team!

  2. your lame ass lime green team doesnt have shit of the bed intruders!!!!!

  3. [sigh] You all look alike to me. Sorry about that!