Thursday, May 19, 2011

NAKID Double Dare!

For many of us who grew up in the 80s, Double Dare was a staple of our television viewing. We would tune in to watch teams of children compete in various physical challenges, typically involving slime or fake food products. It was a delightful mess.

In the league’s quest to recreate just about every classic game show (I’m still waiting for NAKID Press Your Luck!), NAKID held its own version of Double Dare. But in true NAKID spirit, their version wouldn’t involve diving down the “Sundae Slide” or searching for a flag in a giant sandwich. No, the NAKID version naturally introduced copious amounts of beer to the games. (Although this might have not been that much of a change from the original concept as host Marc Summers may have been thoroughly sauced back in the day.)

One of the teams gathers to discuss an answer

The hosts for the festivities were NAKID Social Director Erin and her trusty sidekick Jay. Much like Pat Sajak and Vanna White, they were effective co-hosts, including the patronizing small talk between rounds.

Erin and Jay keep the peace
Competing for a valuable prize package would be a group of sixteen teams with names such as Giggity, Camp Annawanna, and On a Scale of Anne Frank to Osama bin Laden, How Good Is My Hiding Place?

The format was similar to that of the show: One team would be asked a question, and they could either answer it or “dare” their opponents. The opposing team could either answer or “double dare” right back. The first team could either answer, or compete in a physical challenge.

The physical challenges required a great variety of skill sets. In “Beer Scramble” contestants minds were put to the test as they had to assemble a puzzle. In “Cookie Face” a contestant would have to move cookies from his forehead to mouth without the use of his hands or tongue:  

More hilarious in person
 And in “Bottoms Up” the contestants’ gag reflexes were measured as they chugged PBR cans and knocked them over with a yo-yo tied to their butt:


Standouts from the first two rounds included Erin from Bobby Mig and the Lady Lushes who “aced” the challenge in “Blow the Joker” (contestant had to chug a beer, stack a deck of cards on top and blow off all but the last card--the joker) and John from Bazinga! who had no problem with “A Bit Dicey” (balancing six die on a popsicle stick held in the mouth).

Nerves of steel
Despite some controversy stemming from their second round matchup, Bazinga! advanced to the final round. The rest of the final four included AmFo and the All F***s, Sinister Triple Dog Dare, and Marc Summers is my Dad. The four surviving teams would have to compete in a grueling obstacle course to see who would bring home the grand prize.

The obstacle course began with one team member pouring water from the upstairs window of Hamilton’s into a pitcher on the head of one of their teammates on the street below:

Finally we get messy
Once the pitcher was filled to a certain line, the contestant would have to search through a bin of red beans and locate the one black bean. Next, a contestant would have to sip beer through covered cups until they found the cup with a marked straw.


Pick wrong and you drink a lot of beer
After that, they would have to flip random cups until they found a cup with a special sticker.

The next part of the obstacle course required the contestant to throw a ping pong ball into a pitcher perched on the head of his teammate. Finally, all four team members would have to chug a beer and race up and down the block.

The final obstacle course was not for the weak

After the smoke cleared, the ultimate winners were Marc Summers is my Dad. One of their members was celebrating his birthday, and I’m sure he could not have asked for a better birthday present than the glory that is winning NAKID Double Dare.

Winners! They won a pinwheel!
And because we have no other logical place to publicly post this picture, here is Erin after Double Dare, several beers in, poking her finger in the flag hole and giggling:

Heh heh heh....hole

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