Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Down the Home Stretch

We're approaching the end of the season.  The playoffs have arrived and the winners will celebrate while the losers will cry into the wee hours of the night.

But win, lose, or draw, everyone will get to enjoy another round of Five Questions and the latest Flip Cup Power Rankings!

Brandon S - Balls Deep

  1. Why NAKID? Dave Whalen said so.
  2. How would you rate your flip cup skills? First sub.
  3. Cup size? Travel mug.
  4. Favorite position? President.
  5. Have you ever been too drunk to fish? That's impossible.
Word Association

Whalen - Old
Beer - Good
Exchange - Huh?
Ball - Deep
Score - That's What She Said

Mostly harmless

Suzie R - New Kicks on the Block

  1. Why NAKID? Because it is awesome.
  2. How would you rate your flip cup skills? I beat Jim Davis.
  3. Cup size? C.
  4. Favorite position? Under the table.
  5. Have you ever been too drunk to fish? No.
Word Association

Whalen - Resurrected
Beer - On the table
Exchange - Gross
Ball - Blue
Score - All the time

Behold the power of positive thinking

Ashley Q - We Are Kicking We Are Kicking

  1. Why NAKID? I love my team.
  2. How would you rate your flip cup skills? Beats Noah every time.
  3. Cup size? Training bra.
  4. Favorite position? 3rd and home.
  5. Have you ever been too drunk to fish? Yes.  All day, every day.
Word Association

Whalen - Bad ref
Beer - Awesome
Exchange - White House
Ball - D*ck
Score - Sex

Clearly the queen of the castle

Flip Cup Power Rankings

As we approach Flip Cup Day, teams are starting to round into form.

Which teams look to be in the best shape heading into the final showdown?  Once again, we shall consult the platypus. 

As a special bonus, each ranked team will get a Guns 'N Roses lyric that sums up their present standing.

5. Headfirst into Third - "I don't have plans and schemes.  And I don't have hopes and dreams."

4. We Are Kicking We Are Kicking - "I used to love her.  But I had to kill her."

3. New Kicks on the Block - "I don't worry about nothing, no, because worrying's a waste of my time."

2. Stumbling Home Headfirst - "What'll happen to you, baby?  Guess we'll have to wait and see."

1. Team Awesome Sauce - "Nothing lasts forever.  Not even cold November rain."

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This is the Tale of Thursday Kickball

Another Thursday night has come and gone.  We've seen flip cup, dancing, and even some boom cup.  Yeah, that's right...boom cup.

One observation: It seems that the new "it" song played at the Exchange is Jack Sparrow by The Lonely Island and Michael Bolton.  I'll give the song credit.  The song is so well performed that some people listen to it and don't even realize that it isn't a "real" song.

And now, here are some more Five Questions and Flip Cup Power Rankings...

David K - Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma'am

  1. Why NAKID? A friend recommended it.
  2. How would you rate your flip cup skills? Average.
  3. Cup size? Regular.
  4. Favorite position? Top.
  5. Have you ever been too drunk to fish? Yes
Word Association

Whalen - Person
Ball - Kick
Exchange - Student
Beer - Pony
Score - Board
And in the background, his teammate shares his thoughts

Amanda P - Drinking You Pretty
  1. Why NAKID? Why Not?
  2. How would you rate your flip cup skills? 11 out of 10.
  3. Cup size? 8.5 oz.
  4. Favorite position? Short.
  5. Have you ever been too drunk to fish? Yes
Word Association

Whalen - Awesome
Ball - Testicle
Exchange - Beer
Beer - College
Score - Sexy

Afterwards, she bought the bar a round of shots

Colleen G - Pitch Slapped
  1. Why NAKID? Isn't it fun?
  2. How would you rate your flip cup skills? B
  3. Cup size? D.
  4. Favorite position? On top.
  5. Have you ever been too drunk to fish? I don't fish.
Word Association

Whalen - Good guy
Ball - Blue
Exchange - Fluids
Beer - Good
Score - Lucky

I don't know if she actually knew I was taking this picture

Flip Cup Power Rankings

Last time, I used the power of the mysterious and all-knowing Oracle to help me with these rankings.  But sadly, the Oracle has stopped responding to my requests. 

With the Oracle unavailable to me, I had to rely on what is perhaps nature's second most mysterious creature: The platypus.

I consulted with my good friend Spearmint the Platypus to share his opinions on the best flip cup teams on Thursday night.  Here is what he had to say:

5. Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma'am - I like them.  Not a lot, but I like them.
4. Drinking You Pretty - They almost never play as a team, but still the most talent out there.  By far.
3. We Are Kicking, We Are Kicking - Good, but they could improve.
2. DTF - But are they really?
1. Team Awesome Sauce - They play often and then make with the sexy time.  This earns them the top spot in my book.

Unlike the Oracle, the platypus is admittedly not all-seeing and all-knowing.  If you feel your team's triumphs are not being properly accounted for, please send an email to weeklybrew@gmail.com

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Last Thursday Night...

Over the past couple of seasons, a few people have said to me that they miss the old Weekly Brew.  While reading once-monthly columns about evil snowmen and Captain Kangaroo might be nice, people miss the old features like five questions and flip cup rankings.

I realized that all it would take to help restore the Brew to its once spectacular glory was a little effort on my part.

So a little effort is what I gave.  Last Thursday night at the Exchange, I grabbed my camera, a pen, and a legal pad and asked some people the question, “Would you like to be interviewed for the Weekly Brew?”

Responses included: “No thanks,” “What's the Weekly Brew?” and “Get away from me you little weirdo.”

I quickly realized that perhaps trying to interview people while they were waiting in line for the bathroom might not have been the best strategy.
After relocating myself, I finally found a few people willing (drunk enough?) to have their picture taken and answer some simple questions.

I asked everyone a set of five questions and then did some word associations with some terms familiar to most NAKIDs.

Elizabeth D, Drinking You Pretty
  1. Why NAKID? Because it's awesome.
  2. How would you rate your flip cup skills? I don't know...make me sound intelligent.
  3. Cup size? Half full.
  4. Favorite position? Sun salutation.
  5. Have you ever been too drunk to fish? I've only been crabbing.
Word Association
  • Whalen – Boss
  • Beer – Happy
  • Exchange – Beer
  • Ball – Kick
  • Score – Home run
Which one is Liz?  I'll let you decide for yourself.

Howie S, The Rhythm Method
  1. Why NAKID? Why not?
  2. How would you rate your flip cup skills? Streaky.
  3. Cup size? Big enough.
  4. Favorite position? Any.
  5. Have you ever been too drunk to fish? Hell yeah.
Word Association
  • Whalen – Old
  • Beer – Tasty
  • Exchange – Fluids
  • Ball – Busters (Excellent answer!)
  • Score – Happy ending
Don't let the smile fool you.  He's as hard as they come.

Mike W, Kick in a Box
    1. Why NAKID? Why not?
    2. How would you rate your flip cup skills? Yes.
    3. Cup size? Large.
    4. Favorite position? Why do you make me have to think?
    5. Have you ever been too drunk to fish? Yes.
Word Association
  • Whalen – Old
  • Beer – Good
  • Exchange – *Censored*
  • Ball – Enlarged
  • Score – A lot
For some reason he also kept telling me how much he hated me.

Beaumont B, Bumpits
  1. Why NAKID? It's fun.
  2. How would you rate your flip cup skills? 7
  3. Cup size? 7
  4. Favorite position? Top
  5. Have you ever been too drunk to fish? Yes.
Word Association

Whalen – Wonderful
Ball – Kick
Exchange – Beer
Beer – Moose (This might have been because I was wearing a moose hat at the time)
Score – Sex

Officially cooler than you.

Flip Cup Power Rankings

You might have thought that the flip cup games that take place on Thursday nights are meaningless.  Sure, they've been fun, and they've led to some drunken, fun times, but ultimately, they don't count for anything.

But that changes...now.

Thanks to the help of the Weekly Brew's very special magical Oracle, there will now be a weekly power rankings of the best teams.

Here's the top five and what the Oracle has to say about them.

5. Balls Deep - Do not fear going forward slowly; fear only to stand still.
4. Kick in a Box - If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.
3. Head First into Third - A diamond with a flaw is worth more than a pebble without imperfections.
2. I Kicked a Ball and I Liked It -Each generation will reap what the former generation has sown.
1. We are Kicking, We are Kicking - A gem is not polished without rubbing, nor a man perfected without trials.

Now you might be saying, “That's all well and good for Thursday nights, but what about those of us who play on other days? Don't we deserve mention in the Weekly Brew as well?”

Yes, you most certainly do. But unfortunately, I am only one man and can't be at the bar every night to recap the assuredly hilarious ongoings.

So that is where you come in. We need people to volunteer to roam around the bar to record the happenings and interview random, unsuspecting people. All you need is a writing utensil and a camera. And if you're feeling especially clever, you can simply do it all on your phone.

If you feel you are up to this task, please send an email to weeklybrew@gmail.com.  We will run you through a grueling, rigorous interview process to see if you are truly Brew-worthy.

With your help, the Weekly Brew blog will once again be filled with useful content.  Otherwise...well, I hope you can't wait to read next month's interview with Abraham Lincoln.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kickball Ramblings: An Interview with George Washington

As part of my ongoing effort to provide content for the Weekly Brew, I recently gained access to a top secret prototype time machine. 
Sadly, this was not the time machine

While there are seemingly countless opportunities provided by a working time machine, I ultimately decided that there was only one sensible thing to do with the device: Pull George Washington into present day and ask him some questions about kickball!  

Since we play kickball in Washington, DC, haven’t we all wondered what the city’s namesake might think of the game?  Well, we can wonder no further! 
Nice wig

Author: Thanks for being with us today, Mr. President.  I know the time travel process can be very taxing.  Are you ready for this?
GW: I was born ready!  You don't get to be the first president of the new world without being ready.
Author: As you know, the nation’s capital was named after you.
GW: Along with a state, 31 counties and 17 cities, not that I’m bragging.
Author: Are you also aware that a popular activity for young adults living in the capital is playing kickball?  Are you familiar with kickball?
GW: I'm familiar with leading the colonial forces during the American Revolution.  Is that similar?
Author: Well, sometimes when I play kickball, I wear a bandanna with the American flag on it.  And there's a lot of drinking involved.  But aside from that, no, they're very different.
GW: I certainly do enjoy drinking.  I have a distillery in my house, you know!  But tell me more about this kicking of balls.
Author: It’s similar to baseball.  Wait, do you even know about baseball?
GW: I do not.  I do enjoy a good game of wickets on occasion however.
Author: Here’s a brief summary of baseball: It’s kind of like cricket, it became the national pastime, and the most famous team is known as the Yankees.  Kickball is similar to that, except we kick a big rubber ball.
GW: Kicking a big rubber ball?  Why that sounds like a child’s game!
Author: Yeah, that’s pretty much where we are in today’s culture.  If there was a game that we liked to play as children, we simply go to the bar afterwards, and it becomes an adult game.
GW: You play children’s games and then drink?  These are confusing times you live in.
Author: As one of our nation's greatest leaders, I was hoping you could offer advice to some of our league's captains. 
GW: Absolutely.  After all, most of my successors in office have followed the examples I set.
Author:  You encountered difficulties when recruiting people to the Revolutionary Army.  Some captains have trouble recruiting people to their team.  Do you have any suggestions for them?
GW: Obviously, my passion for the Revolution helped recruit people, but that wasn’t the only reason people came on board.  Promises of whiskey and women helped convince many of them.
Works every time

Author: That’s how most of our league’s captains recruit too. 
Even though you know nothing of the game, do you have any strategic advice?  Surely, some aspect of Colonial era military strategy can be applied to kickball.
GW: Here are some tried and true tips that have always worked for me:
It's harder to hit a moving target than one that's standing still, so when possible, you should throw at the base.
Also, small actions can lead to big rewards, so don't underestimate the bunt.
Lastly, you're not going to win every battle, but what really matters is having fun and drinking lots of whiskey.  And playoffs.  You want to win playoffs.
Author: Very sage advice from someone who has never played the game.
GW: Well, I am the greatest president of all time!
Author: You think so?  We’ve had some good presidents since then: Lincoln, FDR, Clinton…
GW: Let me know when any of them has their face on the one dollar bill.
Dollar dollar bill y'all!
Author: What do you think of our current president?
GW: I feel he’s done some good things, but one of his policies disturbs me greatly.
Author: What’s that?
GW: His alliance with the hated British!  I didn’t work my ass off to gain independence just so that 200 some years later, Kate Middleton could become a national celebrity!
Author: And what do you think of Obamacare?
GW: I’m not touching that one with a ten foot pole.
Author: You seem to be breaking up.  I think you’re being pulled back into the time stream.  Anything else you’d like to say?
GW: My teeth are made from hippopotamus ivory.
And with that, the president vanished into the ether.  Hopefully he was returned to his proper time, and is not lost in some sort of limbo state between time and space.  Either way, this has been quite educational.
Special thanks goes out to Amanda P, who assisted me with operating the time machine.

Team Name Analysis
I think I’ve taken the study of defunct cereals about as far as it can go. 
Instead, from now on I’m going to take a current NAKID team, provide a thoughtful analysis of their name, and then rate it on a scale of one to five Whalens.
Remember, this is just one man’s opinion, so please don’t have a hissy fit if I think your team’s name sucks.
My Balls Your Face
At first, this name appears to be a simple dodgeball reference, because obviously dodgeball involves throwing balls at your opponent.
But wait!  Upon closer inspection, this appears to be something of a double entendre.  My Balls Your Face could also be interpreted as a sexual term.  At least it could if you have a dirty mind.
I normally enjoy double entendres, but I feel this one falls a bit short. 
Remember that in dodgeball, if you hit your opponent in the face, they are not out.  You have to hit them below the neck!  So if they do as their name suggests, they’re probably going to fare rather poorly.

Rating: 3 Whalens 

Double entendres are nice and all, but they perhaps should have chosen one that would actually be an effective playing technique.

And finally, we conclude with another LOLger:


Monday, January 30, 2012

Kickball Ramblings: Enter the Snowman

The calendar says January, so that means that NAKID is back in action for its always thrilling winter season.  Of all the NAKID seasons that begin in January, I’d definitely have to rate winter as my favorite.
So what’s new this year?  I’m glad you asked!
Remember how the winter shirts used to feature icicles on the logo?  Well, the icicles are still there, just a little less prominent than before.  If you’re a fan of New Year’s Eve specials (and who isn’t?) then the icicles are kind of like Dick Clark.  They might still be around, but they’re largely just ornamental at this point.  Not to mention, they both probably leak water all over the floor.
So who is the Ryan Seacrest that has stolen top billing from the icicles?  A snowman.  And not just any snowman - an EVIL snowman!
He certainly doesn't look like a happy, jolly soul
In all fairness, I’m not sure if the snowman is actually evil.  Maybe I just assumed that he was evil because he’s got a crooked grin on his face and he looks like he’s about to chuck the snowball at somebody’s head.
Or I might just be thinking about this commercial from the Super Bowl.
So who do you think would win in a fight: The sun from the summer season shirts, the pumpkin from the fall, or the snowman?

As evil as he may be, I don't see the snowman winning this battle, because I figure the sun would simply melt him down.  So I guess it's a battle between the pumpkin and the sun. 

The epic showdown for NAKID logo supremacy!
Now that I think about it, the sun is hot enough to melt a pumpkin too.  Have you ever thrown a pumpkin into the sun?  Neither have I, but my basic understanding of astronomy leads me to believe that a pumpkin would be vaporized long before it reached the surface.
Then again, this is clearly no ordinary pumpkin we’re dealing with.  It seems to be some sort of demonic pumpkin.  For those of you who remember the cartoon The Real Ghostbusters, you might notice the resemblance to Samhain, the Halloween themed ghost from the show.
Pumpkin head + flowing robe = evil

So if this is indeed Samhain, then that changes everything.  Because Samhain had the power to manipulate time and bring about constant night*.  If he could do that, then he could simply prevent the sun from ever rising.  Game over.

Of course, the sun could just bury Samhain under a giant pile of raisins.  Because that’s what anthropomorphic suns do.
Either way, the snowman clearly isn’t winning this battle.  But on the positive side, he’s wearing a scarf, and everyone knows that’s what the cool kids do in the winter months.
Retro Cereal of the Week
We may all be familiar with kellogg’s Raisin Bran cereal, but back in the 80’s, they also had a Raisin Squares cereal.
If anyone ever asks what the 80's were like, just show them this box

It was basically shredded wheat with a raisin on the inside.  Unlike some of these other failed cereals, the concept seems sound.
But apparently, America wasn’t ready for shredded wheat and raisins to be combined.  We prefer our raisin brans and our shredded wheat quite separate from each other, thank you very much!  On the other hand, the cereal lives on in Great Britain where tastes are slightly more eccentric.
The Boger Meme (or as suggested to me: LOLger)

Here's another taste of everyone's favorite NAKID admin.

*Learning about Samhain's powers was made much more difficult by Wikipedia's self-blackout.  Thanks a lot, SOPA and PIPA!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kickball Ramblings: Captains Round Table - Take Two

Last time I had a round table discussion among famous captains, it seemed to go over well.  So I decided to bring in some other famous captains and hear what they had to say.
Joining us today are:
Captain N: The Game Master - Digitized superhero
Captain Jack Sparrow - Pirate of the Caribbean
Captain America - Leader of the Avengers
Captain Kangaroo - Former children’s’ TV show host
Steve Nash - Captain of the Phoenix Suns

Author: Thanks to everyone for being here. I’ll start out by asking you if there have been any experiences that helped make you a better captain.
America: I’d have to say that getting injected with a special formula and made into a perfect human being was probably the most important thing that happened to me.
Kangaroo: I never quite understood that. Our plan to fight the Nazis was to scientifically create a blond haired, blue eyed superhuman? Were they trying to be ironic?
Nash: Captain America? I’ve never even heard of you.
America: Well, that’s probably because you’re Canadian. In America, I’m considered a hero and a national icon.
Nash: Yeah, but that doesn’t mean much these days. I mean, so is the pirate.
America: I’m not exactly familiar with him. Why is he famous?
Sparrow: How the bloody hell do you not know who I am? Do you ever watch TV?  Disney isn’t exactly subtle in their marketing. 
Kangaroo: You’re not kidding! I went to Disney World and went on Pirates of the Caribbean expecting the classic ride. And what do I get instead? Jack Sparrow all over the place!
Sparrow: Even I thought that was a bit gratuitous.
Kangaroo: And I’m still upset that they got rid of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea! That was my favorite ride!
America: Do they still have Mission to Mars?
Kangaroo: No, they got rid of that one too! 
America: Damn!
Author: Sorry to interrupt, but can we get back--
Kangaroo: And then I’m out shopping and I see them selling Jack Sparrow lunchboxes! I remember when lunchboxes were reserved for the greats. Check out this beauty!

Nash: You had a lunchbox? Wait a second, who are you? I just thought you were the janitor or something.
Kangaroo: You don’t remember me? I was a beloved children’s television show host!
Nash: They let you around children? Looking like that?
Kangaroo: It was the 70s! Everyone dressed a little strangely.
Nash: Yeah, no offense, but you look like a pedophile. Honestly, I’d probably rather Jerry Sandusky look after my kids.
Everyone: (Awkward groaning)
Nash: What, too soon?
Sparrow: (Looking at Captain N) So what the hell are you supposed to be?
N: (Looks up from the Nintendo 3DS he has been concentrating on the entire time) Huh?
Sparrow: You, what’s your deal?
N: Oh sorry, I was just wrapped up playing Super Mario on the Nintendo 3DS.  It’s an amazing game!  Anyway, I’m Captain N. One day I was playing Nintendo and I was pulled into the TV, and I had to save Videoland! I got to fight alongside Simon Belmont. The same Simon Belmont who can be found in the exciting game Castlevania: Judgment on the Nintendo Wii!
Sparrow: So you’re basically a walking advertisement for Nintendo? And people say I whore myself out.
N: Hey, that’s not fair! I’m just trying to let everyone know that Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is now available! You know, I met Link once. He’s taller than you’d expect.
Kangaroo: You got sucked into a computer and had to play video games? Back in my day, we called that Tron!
N: (Sighs) Yeah, it really was kind of a rip-off of Tron. Here was the funny thing about the whole situation: They thought I was some sort of expert video game player. But really, I kind of sucked at them.
Nash: Yeah, you seemed to be having a lot of trouble just beating King Hippo. Hey, who do you think would win in a fight? King Hippo or Captain Kangaroo?
Sparrow: (looks disdainfully at Captain Kangaroo) King Hippo.
Kangaroo: How can you say that? He’s morbidly obese!
Sparrow: You’re no supermodel yourself.
Nash: We gonna wrap this up soon? Apparently, the NBA lockup is ending, so I’ll have to actually start working again.
Author: Speaking of that…how have you been spending all your free time?
Nash: Here’s a hint: It rhymes with “woking smeed.” It’s not like they could test me for it! 
America: I certainly don’t approve of that! Drugs are bad!
Nash:  You’re one to talk, Mr. Super Soldier. Without drugs, you’d be skinnier than me.
America: Those drugs were taken in the name of freedom!
Nash: Sure they were, pal. Sure they were. Besides, drugs are the only way I can stand watching those stupid Pirate movies.
N: Yeah, those are way too boring for me.
Sparrow: Boring? I’m boring you all the way to the bank!
Kangaroo: In my day, we had classy pirates like Errol Flynn! Not freak shows like this guy!
Nash: And yet he still seemed masculine in comparison to Orlando Bloom. What happened to that guy? We wanted to like him! He was Legolas! Everyone loved Legolas! But every time he’s on screen now, I just want to punch him.
Sparrow: You’re not kidding. You know he perms his hair?
Nash: You ever talk to Richard Greico?
Sparrow: Yeah, sometimes he calls my house and just rants for about an hour. “It should have been me! I should have been Jack Sparrow! I should have been Edward Scissorhands! I should have been Batman!”
N: But you didn’t play Batman!
Sparrow: I know, but apparently he really hates Christian Bale. The guy’s got issues.
Author: Well guys, we’re just about out of time. Anything else you’d like to add?
N: Don’t forget to pick up Super Mario Wii!  It’s great fun for all ages!
Nash: Uh, you don’t happen to have any marij-
Author: And that’s all the time we have!  Thank you all for coming!

Retro Cereal of the Week
As Captain N would have surely told you, Nintendo used to have its own cereal: The Nintendo Cereal System!

Each box was split into two halves with each half housing a different cereal.  One was based on Super Mario Bros. with fruity Mario shapes, and the other had a Legend of Zelda theme with berry flavored Links. Apparently, neither kind tasted very good.
Children of the 80s might have loved Nintendo, but apparently not enough to buy a crappy tasting cereal just because it was Nintendo-themed.  After a couple of years, the cereal was discontinued.

Normally at this time, I’d provide a link that may or may not be an embarrassing picture of Dan Boger. But I’ve decided to retire that particular feature.
But I will not take away without giving you something in return.  So I’d like to introduce to our new closing feature…The Boger Meme! Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kickball Ramblings: The Great Debate - Indoor vs. Outdoor

If there’s one thing that I enjoy doing, it is bringing up questions for debate, making cases for both sides of the argument, and then ultimately deciding nothing.
So in that spirit, the latest question I will not answer is this: Are NAKID sports better when played indoors or outdoors?
Back in the day, there was really no reason for debate.  Regardless of whether you preferred your kickball to be played indoors or outdoors, you didn’t actually have a choice.  The winter season was for indoor kickball, and spring and fall were for outdoor kickball.  Everyone grudgingly accepted this and went about their business.

Guess it's time for indoor kickball

But now that both indoor and outdoor sports are offered during the summer and fall seasons, the question becomes more pertinent.  Or at least as pertinent as a question about social sports can be.
The biggest advantage for the indoor sports would seem to be the weather, or more accurately, the lack thereof.  No matter what the weather may be like outside, the conditions inside the YMCA gym are always perfect for playing sports.
In contrast, outdoor sports are always subject to the whims of Mother Nature.  And as anyone who played on Sundays this past fall can tell you, she can be a real bitch sometimes.
For the first few weeks of the season we had ball-meltingly hot temperatures.  It got so bad that I think a couple people might have spontaneously combusted one week.  For some reason, people tend to forget just how hot it gets in Washington during the summer, but those early games were a strong reminder. 
A scene from the National Mall in August. Yes, there are mountains in Washington now.
After the heat finally broke we got weeks upon weeks of rain.  While this might have been beneficial for the grass, it didn’t exactly enhance the kickball playing experience.
Nature finally relented slightly and we got some nice weather towards the end of the season.  But nature was apparently just teasing us, and for the weekend of the playoffs we suffered through unseasonable cold and a steady rain.
So at first glance, it would seem that the indoor sports have a huge advantage here. 
But on the other hand, aren’t the indoor players missing out on all the nice weather that we sometimes get? 
On the days when conditions are perfect, it seems like kind of a waste to be stuck inside.  When it’s 80 degrees and sunny, isn’t it nice to get to run around outside for an hour or so? 
So basically, as I mentioned at the start, I haven’t really taken a definitive stand on either side of the argument.  If you read this far expecting something different, then that’s your own fault.  It’s kind of like going to an Adam Sandler movie and expecting some sort of highbrow entertainment.
Speaking of Sandler, what happened to him?  His early movies were funny as hell.  And now, I’d be embarrassed to tell anyone that I was going to see one of his movies. 
I thought maybe it was because I’ve gotten older and my tastes have matured.  But I can still watch Happy Gilmore and laugh.  Would 19 year-old me think Jack and Jill was funny?  I can’t imagine that I would.
I’m just disappointed that AWESOM-O can’t come up with any ideas better than “Adam Sandler plays his own twin sister.”
Anyway, getting back to the original subject matter, perhaps I’ll present some further arguments the next time I get bored and decide to write something.
But for now, I’ll talk about another defunct cereal.
Retro Cereal of the Week
This week’s cerealicious blast from the past is Morning Funnies.

The main draw of this cereal was that the box featured comic strips from some of the day’s “favorite” Sunday comics.  I’m not sure exactly who considered Hi and Lois or Tiger to be among their favorite comics, but I suppose that some people out there might have really loved them.
It’s hard to figure how this cereal would have been successful.  Unless the cereal tasted really, really amazing, how much business could they expect from a comic strip gimmick?  Were they hoping that a large percentage of Americans simply couldn’t wait until Sunday to read new color comics, and were craving a mid-week fix?  
And it doesn’t seem like they’d get much repeat business either.  While there were a few different box variations, was there really any motivation to buy a box once you had already read the comics the first time?
Apparently, the back flap of the box which contained the comics was considered to be a big innovation in the world of cereal box manufacturing.  According to this guy’s LinkedIn profile, he won an award for it: http://www.linkedin.com/in/blairentenmann

And we shall conclude with another link that may (or may not) be an embarrassing picture of Dan Boger: http://tinyurl.com/2efghrm