Monday, May 9, 2011

Cinco de Mayo kickball!

Thursday kickball simultaneously celebrated the near-end of the work week and Cinco de Mayo, leading to some awesome times at the bar and what we can only describe as “good-natured exploitation of stereotypes.” There were sombreros, mustaches, and one team even brought a homemade piƱata filled with candy and liquor:

As you can see from the pictures, the bars were packed. We also had a TON of girls get on the bar and dance their asses off, carrying on a revered NAKID tradition. Yes, those poles are there for a reason--take advantage!
MBP stepped it up a notch with a male bar dancing contest that certainly gave the women in the crowd an eyeful . . . thankfully, pants stayed on: 
Work it, boys!
After busting several moves and nearly disrobing, Damon of I Kicked a Ball and I Liked It (in teal in the middle) won the contest and a gift certificate to Charlie Palmer! Hey, Damon, the Brewer likes steak. Just sayin’.
This week the Brewer was motivated enough to ask the Five Questions . . . of people in her immediate vicinity:
Gordon, We Beat Parker Lewis
1) What do you love about NAKID? The part where we drink.
2) What’s your favorite STD? Definitely syphilis, because it can kill you but it’s easily cured.
3) Who would you go gay for? “GO” gay for?
4) Most awkward moment with your mom? She found condom wrappers in my car when I was 16
5) Cup size: Venti

I like cervezas and lap dances!

Mona, the Mexican beer bottle
1) What do you love about NAKID? The cervezas and lap dances, cholo.
2) What’s your favorite STD? Chcchchhlamydia.
3) Who would you go gay for? SELENAS!
4) Most awkward moment with your mom? Watching other men drink her
5) Cup size: GRANDE!

LOTW: Damon, I Kicked a Ball and I Liked It. Not only was he drunk enough to win the bar dancing contest, which also took some guts and dancing skillz, he also showed us a lot more of him than we ever wanted to see. Yes, I'm talking about his bulge. Thank you, Damon, and congrats on winning LOTW!
Bar Performance of the Week (BPOW): This is a new award NAKID created to honor someone at the bar who may not be the drunkest, but certainly entertained the crowd with their idiocy. Unfortunately there is no physical prize for this award, but the bragging rights alone are prize enough.
This week's winner is this guy:
Drink me!
He came to the bar dressed as a giant tequila bottle (nice commitment to Cinco de Mayo, btw), then sat with a couple who were not only non-NAKIDs, but who he didn't even know. Sure, it was awkward conversation at first; afterall, what do you say to a bottle of tequila besides "please don't hurt me"? But they warmed up to him after a while and word on the street is they're planning a vacation to Martha's Vineyard together in the fall. 
Do you have someone you'd like to nominate for BPOW? Email or post your nom below.
Overheard at the bar:
She was trying to pee. I saw her rolling down the hill. All I saw was vagina. – Damon
Ain’t nothing wrong with the poop hole. One-hundred percent of men like it; 90 percent won’t admit it. - Jay

And some random pics of people doing weird things:



  1. I don't appreciate the foul language from the Mexican beer bottle.

  2. That's taco flavored kisses for you.