Tuesday, May 3, 2011

First Lush of the Week!

And we have our first LOTW--the lovely, talented, low-tolerance Lacy from the Sunday teams (M)orally Casual and Menace to Sobriety!

Check out that suction
First she started with century club before her games (that's 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes with the MC twist of answering embarrassing questions in between). She continued after her game at the bar, drinking herself into near incoherence. Her babysitter kept losing her in the crowds at MBP until she finally emerged with disheveled hair, but, miraculously, all of her belongings. Congrats on the win, Lacy, and wear your bandana with pride!

Think you or a friend have what it takes to be LOTW? Email your nomination to weeklybrew@gmail.com with a pic and maybe your nom will end up here! We pick two per day, so your chances are better than you think--grab a pitcher and see what shenanigans you get into!


  1. awwww. I'm flattered!
    I lost my pullover and nail polish (who brings nail polish to kickball?) plus I was doing Century Club with the wonderful MBP Huckleberry Lemonade - what a terribly wonderful way to start the day!
    I got a steak bowl at Burrito Bros but then threw it up at home, refused to be driven home from there, showered and one-eyed typed 'Oh damn' on my FB status......

  2. I remember your shouting about Jim getting you Burrito Brothers on the way home. I knew even then it was a bad idea.

  3. Lacy, you are my new hero! Keep up the good work! :D