Friday, April 29, 2011

Lush of the Week and One Flip

We're past week three of the Spring 2011 season and some of you may have noticed by now that some people are wandering around the kickball bars with bandanas on and wondered "What are those for?", "How can I get one?", and "Where did I leave my pants?"

The Brew can help you out with the first two questions, at least. First, let's tackle One Flip.

Hotness for Spring
One Flip is a game NAKID invented for the same reason we started the league in the first place: to facilitate drinking, meeting lots of people, and losing pants.

When you find One Flip, challenge him or her to a game of flip cup. Bring beer and six cups. Each person flips three cups; best two-out-of-three wins the challenge, and the winner gets the bandana. If One Flip loses the bandana, they cannot challenge the new One Flip they just lost to; they have to wait until the new One Flip loses then challenge that person. If One Flip wins five challenges in a night, he or she gets to keep the bandana.

Because NAKID has some pretty darn awesome flip cup players, we have an amateur and pro bandana. The amateur is someone who hasn't won a bandana for keeps yet. Once you do that, you're a pro and need to play with the big boys. If you consider yourself an amateur and challenge the pro you better bring your A-game--they're tough to beat! But challenging the pro is the best way to get better. Steal their techniques!

Next let's discuss Lush of the Week (LOTW).

Can you keep up?
The LOTW bandana is the most coveted of the NAKID swag because you can't just get it--you have to earn it, with blood, sweat, or other bodily fluids. Each week the Brew will pick the two lushiest of the alcoholics in NAKID to be LOTW. Stories from past LOTWs have included climbing under a parked van to get into shade (at 10pm), puking/passing out/hooking up on the metro, and pole dancing at MBP like you're trying to pay your way through college.

However, the Brew is all-powerful but still not omnipresent, so if you see some particularly lushy behavior, take a pic of the drunk and send it with your nomination to Winners can pick up their bandanas at the bar the following week.

Now, have you seen my pants?

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  1. I maintain that the lights at the bar were *really* bright that night, and that shade was a necessity.