Friday, April 29, 2011

Love in NAKID? - Kickball Ramblings

In the past, I’ve discussed the difficulties that people can experience when searching for love in NAKID. I had come to the conclusion that most people should basically give up all hope and resign themselves to dying alone.

But I’ve now changed my tune, as I have seen that true love is actually possible between two NAKIDs.

Mitch and Amy first met at a NAKID event back in February 2009. Their relationship quickly blossomed, resulting in their marriage earlier this year.

I decided to ask them some questions in the hopes that their tale will bring hope to the rest of you
forlorn souls.

When you joined NAKID, did you have – even in the back of your mind – the idea that the league
might be a good way to meet a girlfriend/boyfriend?

Mitch: Yes

Amy: I had dated two other kickballers before. But even with the lack of success, I kept trying!

How did you meet?

Mitch: I had signed up for the spring season while the winter season was still going on. After attending a spring scrimmage, I was invited to come by the Exchange on a Thursday night. The next week, I stopped by the bar after work, when I saw Amy come in and yell at Andy D. about a bad call he made while reffing her game.

I thought she was fiery and cute and decided to introduce myself. She didn’t notice, but Andy was desperate to get out of the tongue lashing, so he said “Amy, I think this guy is trying to say hello to you.”

I’m not sure of what I said (I can only assume I was charming and witty) but we got a conversation going and hit it off.

Amy: I was irritated with Andy over a call. I was aware that a guy in a tie (Which I thought was weird – who was he trying to impress?) was sitting behind me and staring. I ignored Mitch until Andy pointed him out. He seemed nice enough and I saw him again at a happy hour the next night.

Authors Note: The moral of this story is that if you disagree with a ref’s call, you should yell at him about it. It might lead to finding your soul mate. I’m joking of course. Mostly.

Was it love at first sight?

Mitch: Maybe, I was certainly interested and couldn’t wait to see her again. I think it was love at second sight.

Amy: Eh, not love. I was freshly out of a sort of terrible relationship and I definitely thought for the first few dates that this was a rebound and just for fun. About a month later I knew I would marry him.

Authors Note: For some reason, she decided to tell this to my wife. Predictably, my wife promptly texted this information to Mitch.

Seeing how kickball relationships are often discussed in the league gossip mill (often by me), was it difficult to maintain the relationship?

Mitch: I nipped the gossip in the bud and divulged any unpleasant gossip to Amy before she heard anything from other sources. Otherwise, no, it didn’t have any effect on our relationship.

Amy: There was some “gossip” about Mitch, but he divulged this to me on our first formal date, and I didn’t care because I thought it was just a fling. So the relationship was not made more difficult by the rumor mill. It was possibly made more entertaining.

Is it strange to be in a monogamous relationship while the rest of the league seemingly whores it up?

Mitch: Not really. I found my diamond amongst the cubic zirconia.

Amy: I’m a serial monogamist, so I don’t really know another way of life. And I find it extremely entertaining to watch others whore it up. (Especially one of the captains of my team)

Any advice to others out there hoping to find true love in NAKID?

Mitch: Make sure you don’t make kickball your one and only source of fun. Also, while you may not meet under circumstances that others may consider romantic, be sure to make up for it somehow. Stay classy!

Amy: Avoid being someone’s sloppy seconds. That is all.

Thank you, Mitch and Amy! May you have years of married bliss!

Trivia Question

I’ll admit that last week’s trivia question was more of a social experiment. I figured that every single person would guess that Ed Hochuli was my favorite all-time NFL referee and I was correct. But the correct answer is the now-retired Bernie Kukar.

This week’s trivia will actually have something to do with NAKID:

Who was the first ever NAKID Flip Cup King of the Table?

Answers can be submitted as a blog comment or email to Everyone who answers correctly will get a mention next week, and the first person to correctly answer gets a 20 cent prize. (Limit one guess per person)

And we’ll conclude with yet another link that may (or may not) be an embarrassing picture of Dan Boger:

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  1. First King of the Table - my beloved Jim Davis (and he has the shirt to prove it!)