Thursday, August 25, 2011

NAKID Power Hour!

I still remember the first time I heard about a Power Hour--drink a shot of beer every minute for an hour--I thought it was the greatest idea man has ever had. I called up my brother who had a better computer than I did and asked him to make me a power hour CD (one minute from each of 60 songs).

He told me to go to hell.

I asked him if instead I could borrow his computer to create my own CD. That was ok. After looking through his personal files I started on my CD, diligently cutting out the best minute from each song instead of just using the first minute like a slacker (because unless that first minute is the opening of Europe's "Final Countdown," it's just not gonna get you fired up). Finally, after hours of hard work, I had the perfect Power Hour CD.

I have absolutely no idea where that damn thing is right now.

So tomorrow when NAKID has its first of (we hope) many Power Hours, we will not be using my magic CD. However, for $20 you can get all the beer you need for the Power Hour and an awesome NAKID shotglass to take home with you!

Rumor has it there are surprises in store as well, so come to Hamilton's tomorrow at 8pm (but RSVP first so we know how much space to reserve!) and relive those magic binge drinking days!

...ok, we know, we still binge drink, but this time you get a shot glass!

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