Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kickball Ramblings: Buy Some Beer!

As you may have noticed, each week NAKIDs play quite a bit of flip cup. And of course, flip cup requires beer. With that in mind, I bring you another helpful suggestion towards making NAKID a better place for all of us: Mike’s Guide to NAKID Culture: Part Three - Buy Some Beer!

Here’s a familiar scenario at the bars: One team is gathered around a table playing some intra-team flip cup. Another team arrives to challenge them to a match. The challenge is promptly accepted, and the teams line up to play.

There’s just one problem: Nobody has any beer.

And I’m sure we’ve all been part of a flip cup match where the beer supply ran low. Inevitably, at least one very sad looking person will helplessly say, “There’s no more beer,” as if this is a problem far beyond their ability to fix.

Why did all the beer go away?
There actually is a solution to this problem: Go buy a pitcher! 

Some people in the league seem to think that the beer for flip cup is provided by a magical fairy who flies around the bars sharing Bud Light and goodwill with everyone.
Can I top you off?
I’m sorry to break this to you, but there is no magic beer fairy. Those pitchers that you are using to fill your cup are only on the table because someone went to the bar, ordered a pitcher, and then paid for it. (To be fair, they might have ordered from a waiter. That doesn’t change the point)

If you’re going to be playing flip cup, you’re going to be drinking beer. And while you may think it’s just swell to drink other people’s beer, I’m sure the people who paid for the beer don’t necessarily appreciate it as much.

So here are the basic rules: If your team challenges another team, make sure you bring some pitchers with you. 

And if you haven’t contributed any beer to the cause, and you notice the beer supply getting low, then you should buy the next pitcher.

If everyone adheres to these standards, then the drinking and flipping can continue happily well into the night!

Exalting and Smiting

And now I bring you a new feature called Exalting and Smiting in which I will either exalt those who have done something praiseworthy, or smite those who have done something meriting scorn.

Exalt – The Brew Whores

Apparently, there is an emerging force in the world of NAKID flip cup, and that force is the Brew Whores. In the early Wednesday flip cup championship, the final matchup saw the Brew Whores take on…the Brew Whores B team. (For those who are curious, the Brew Whores won.)

Does this Wednesday night dominance mark the coming of age of a new flip cup power? The Championship of the Universe will likely tell the real tale. But until then, enjoy the exalting!

Trivia Question

Last week’s answer: The picture was a close-up of Spider-Man.

Jesse was the only person with the correct answer. Let me know who you are, and I will make sure you receive your 20 cent prize.
This week’s question: What Disney movie was the first full-length animated feature to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture? 
Please answer either in a blog comment or by emailing Correct answers earn 20 cents
And finally, this week's link that may (or may not) be an embarrassing picture of Dan Boger:


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  2. Stumbling Home Headfirst's A and B teams from Late Wednesdays swept their way to the finals and the A team went on to sweep the B team for the win (and are also returning champs from Summer 2010 - Wednesdays and Late Winter Indoor Kickball - Sundays). Look out for us come thursday at the Universe Tourney.

  3. Don't look now but sober jason just smited you again