Tuesday, June 21, 2011

NAKID + DC United + Beer = Awesome!

A couple hundred NAKIDs. A thousand beers. What's not to love?

NAKID got tickets for the DC United game and tailgated in full NAKID style--giant coolers with 1,000 beers, a grill cooking lots of meat, and a mix of field day and drinking games to make us all feel like kids again. With beer.  

Yeah, those are cooking up real nice.
 Dave doled out the meat to hungry NAKIDs. Weiner jokes ensued.

We had 1,000 cans of beer, perfect for drunkball, and the can prevents spilling during beer-in-hand kickball! What's beer-in-hand kickball, you ask? It's a game in which you play kickball WITH beer! We made up crazy rules (running backwards, skipping, etc.), and the drunken stumbling is always good for a laugh.

Sadly, there are no funny/crazy stories to share (at least none that we witnessed, leave yours in the comments!), but we all had lots of beer, lots of fun, and incredibly refreshing showers when we got home.

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