Monday, June 6, 2011

How much does the Boomerang Bus rock? Let us count the ways...

This past weekend NAKIDs boarded the Boomerang and headed to the Vintage Virginia Wine Festival. Needless to say, hilarity and blackouts ensued.

However, as the Brewer enjoyed the ride to the festival, she noticed people around her marveling at the sayings about alcohol written on the roof, the stripper poles in the aisle, and the copious amounts of beer. Clearly these are newbies, and she guessed there are more out there, so here's some quick info about the Boomerang.

Did you know you can buy a ticket for the Boomerang and ride it around the city on any weekend night? Better yet, use the code NAKID and get 20 percent off the ticket price! They'll pick you up in Arlington or DC and take you to some clubs where you won't have to pay a cover or wait in line. They'll even make sure to circle the block a few times so you can maximize your time on the bus with the free beer you brought with you!

The buses also take trips to wineries during the summer and go to concerts out at Jiffy Lube Live. In fact, we love the Boomerang so much, here are the top 10 reasons the Boomerang rocks:

10) They drive you from club to club saving you money on cabs, saving your feet from walking, and saving you from a potential DUI
9) It's BYOB--bring along whatever alcoholic beverages you want (don't forget the ice and coolers!). You also get drink specials at the clubs!
8) Make an awesome playlist on your iPod and hook it up to their speakers to start your own dance party on the bus. Who needs a club when you can be your own DJ?
7) You can get a big group together and buy out an entire bus, then decide on your own itinerary for the night. Want to hit up National Harbor? No problem! How about touring strip clubs? Wouldn't be their first time!
6) You get to skip all the long lines at the clubs. Taunt all the people who have been waiting for an hour, but remember to tell the hotties to meet you inside
5) You don't have to pay a cover at the clubs! Those people waiting will also have to pony up $20, so tell the hottie you'll buy him/her a drink with your $20 if they ever manage to get in...sucka!
4) They're starting up a Boomerang Boat to tour the Potomac. You could be on a boat!
3) The bus hosts are super fun (especially NAKID's own Kelly J.!!) and we've heard they have "very talented gyrating genitalia" . . . true story
2) They give NAKIDs 20 percent off the ticket price just because we're so awesome

and the number one reason is...
1) You can work the pole on the bus and come out ahead on the night!

So check out what the Boomerang has to offer this summer, use your 20 percent off code (NAKID), and go nuts!

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