Tuesday, July 5, 2011

End of the Season LOTWs!

The Brew got some end-of-season LOTW noms from the last Sunday games that we decided to share, because we hope these stories inspire drunken shenanigans in the rest of NAKID in the summer season! The first winner:

Jess from CSI! From her captain: "I think Jess on CSI deserves to win LOTW because she got hammered after the game and initiated a best nipple contest with anyone who was willing. She also thought grabbing Pat's (her BF) and Kelly's (her captain) crotches at once was grounds for the start for an awesome threesome. AND once we got to playing flip cup she represented like a champ. Story wrap up: she grabbed Pat's crotch many a time and made out with Kelly four times. WIN!!!!!!!  GO JESS! MVP OF THE GAME AND BARRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!" Sounds good to us! Congrats, Jess!

The second winner:

Jay from Harmless Puppies! This nom comes from an anonymous player on Harmless Puppies: "Jay came in, possibly still drunk from the night before. Jay ordered huckleberry lemonade at brunch, did surprisingly well at kball, did Century Club post-game, attempted bicentennial, failed & passed out in the booth. Subsequently, Jay tried to go to Camelot, got rejected bc of drunkenness, & took shots at Mighty Pint. Way to rally Jay!!"

We're sure these players have signed up for the Summer season (because how can you stay away from the awesomeness of NAKID when you have this much fun?), but if you haven't, register now! The season starts in just a few weeks--you don't want to miss it!

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