Tuesday, July 26, 2011

For new players...

...who are looking for info about NAKID, check out our NAKID 101 post. Here you'll find contact info and some things you need to know about the league.

Here are some updates for the dodgeball and volleyball folks:

Where do we play?
The YMCA at 17th and Rhode Island, NW. It's metro accessible--closest stations are Farragut North (red) and Farragut West (orange and blue).

How long are the games?
Volleyball: Best two out of three, or 45 minutes.
Dodgeball: Best of nine, no game lasts longer than 4 minutes.

I have my cooler packed with beers. Where do I set up?
NOT AT THE Y! You are absolutely not allowed to drink nor be drunk at the Y. You will be kicked out of the Y and the league if you are caught. We don't like to kick people out of the league, so just wait until after your games to booze.

Ok, the game's over and I need beer. Where do I go?
Sign of the Whale (1825 M St. NW)! They have volunteered to let us take over their bar on Sundays and Thursdays. Try not to scare the locals.

It's raining. Are we still playing?
Really? We're indoors. Next question.

The other questions apply to volleyball/dodgeball as well, so now you should be good to go!

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