Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kickball Ramblings: Summer is here!

Welcome back!  I trust everyone enjoyed their time away from NAKID, because NAKID is back…and BETTER THAN EVER!
That may not be entirely true, but it certainly seems to be hotter than ever.  I hope you all like sweating.
It’s been some time since I wrote anything for the Brew. Right after the spring season ended, I had started on an expansive column about the playoffs, but sadly, I got distracted, and never finished it.  Perhaps I’ll save it for the summer playoffs. Feel free to wait with bated breath.
So is anything new for the summer season? Absolutely! In addition to the aforementioned heat, our shirts now have suns on them! I like the idea that the different seasons will have different shirt themes. Since some of us have a legion of old shirts, it’s nice to get a little variety.

Meanwhile, hundreds in DC go without
That picture is courtesy of Sharon Y, and in exchange for its use, I promised to write a future column comparing NAKID to the TV show Saved by the Bell. But I wonder how many people in NAKID even remember that show. For the under-25 set, that’s got to be before your time, right?
I suppose I could compare NAKID to the Power Rangers instead. There are a lot of similarities between the two. For instance, both involve people wearing colorful outfits, both involve karate and giant robots, and of course, both are great excuses to get drunk.
Side rant: How did they get away with having the black guy play the Black Ranger and the Asian girl play the Yellow Ranger? Nobody complained about this? 
For those teams out there who enjoy having theme weeks, I fully encourage you to have “Power Ranger” week. I’m not sure how this would be carried out, but at the very least, you can have everyone on the team do the following: When you come to the plate for your turn to kick, do some dramatic karate poses, cross your arms, and scream out “Tyrannosaurus!”
If anyone actually does this and submits photographic (or even better, video) evidence, you will get a special mention in the Brew.
Retro Cereal of the Week
With a new season, I’ve decided to try out a new special feature in which I take a look back at a now defunct cereal of the past.
Why? Because I find this kind of stuff to be interesting.
This week’s entry is C-3P0s!
If there’s one thing that George Lucas is good at – aside from adding unnecessary CGI to his classic movies – it is licensing out his films.  There are few products in America that haven’t ever had some sort of Star Wars tie-in.
In the summer of 1983, Return of the Jedi was a huge hit in theaters.  With children everywhere figuratively devouring everything related to Star Wars, it only made sense that they could literally do so as well.
And so we were given C-3P0s cereal!  Here’s a link to a commercial:
I have to say that they really could have tried a little harder.  In a Star Wars cereal, you’d expect maybe marshmallow shaped like lightsabers,  or at the very least, cereal pieces shaped like stars.  Instead, they essentially gave us two Cheerios stuck together.  Very disappointing.
Trivia Question
Mostly because I’m tired of giving Alena money, I am temporarily suspending the trivia questions.  Instead, starting next week, I will have a special challenge for you all.
But in case you were all desperately wondering, I will reveal the answer to the last question:
Beauty and the Beast was the first full-length animated feature to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar.
Rachel P correctly answered the question, and is due 20 cents. 
Request to the Readers
I have a favor to ask of all of you: If you take umbrage with anything I write, you can email your complaints directly to me at
Don’t send your complaints to the main NAKID account because they’re generally busy answering emails from players who stupidly hooked up with one of their teammates and now want to be moved to a new team. 
On the other hand, I am fueled by your hatred, so I’d love to hear if your feelings were hurt because I said your team had a stupid name. I’ll probably even answer your email because I’m stuck in front of a computer for most of the day and I need some distractions.


  1. Whoa - I'm 24 and Saved By The Bell was definitely not before my time. I own Seasons 3 and 4 on dvd. My ex- has Seasons 1 and 2. I guess that's what happens when you split your assets.

  2. You probably got the better of the split, especially if they are including the Miss Bliss years in season 1.